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Is your computer frozen or did it just quit running? Do you have a virus and it's slowing your computer down? Or is your hard drive making that ticking sound again? You've come to the right website! Let Hutchinson Computer and Electronics Repair, Inc. (Hutchinson Computers) repair your computer or give you a quote on a new one.

We are a computer repair and sales company specializing in a "personal service touch" attitude with our customers. If you are looking for a $399.00 computer, you won't find it here. We only use quality components to make the best computers. Hutchinson Computers strictly builds with Intel processors and chipsets. We use the best parts so you won't have any problems. We are also a Registered Member in the Microsoft Partner Program.

Since we custom build all computers and servers, our average delivery time from order to finish is 7 to 10 days. This gives us ample time to quality check each part once the machine is up and running.

Email us at sales@hutchinsoncomputers.com. We are located 30 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and will ship anywhere in the United States.

Mark is configuring a laptop and a projector for a local physical therapy office.

Testimonials from
Satisfied Customers

Mark and Lisa, thank you for your work and quick response in recovering our data after a recent Windows registry corruption. We also love our new Windows Vista super computer and the double, external backup system that will ensure that we stay up and running. People looking for cheap systems can find them anywhere. Clients who demand the highest quality systems and know they get what they pay for should call Hutchinson Computers. In addition to the superior equipment, your exceptional customer service makes it all worthwhile.

Scot Noel
Co-Owner, CME Websites, Inc.